Binnie Street Children’s Centre opened in August 2012, however the building has been in place since 1876. It was built by John Honeyman and was originally Gourock Central School, then became Gourock Community Education Centre. It became a listed buillding on 10th September 1979.

Binnie Street Children’ Centre was created by the merger of 3 nurseries – Gourock Pre5 Centre, Gourock Park Pre-School & Panda’s Playgroup and Gamble Children’s Centre.

The Children’s Centre is a beautiful building. It is bright and airy and the children have lots of space to learn and play.

We provide a high standard of education and care which we hope you will be aware of when you visit. We believe in a nurturing environment where children and adults feel safe, secure and happy. We will value their individuality, abilities and skills and ensure that their achievements are celebrated.

This website gives you information about the Centre, however please do no not hesitate in contacting me or any member of staff if you require further details.

We look forward to working with you to provide learning experiences for your children.

Ruth Wyllie

Head of Centre

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