All children in Inverclyde are allocated a place in line with Inverclyde Council’s Early Years Admission Policy.

In the 3-5 playroom we offer a choice of 4 patterns of attendance however Patterns 3 and 4 are primarily for parents who are in full time education, employment or training for employment when applying for a place for their child.

Pattern 1 - 5 AM sessions - Monday - Friday

Pattern 2 - 5 PM sessions - Monday—Friday

Pattern 3 - 2 1/2 days Monday, Tuesday (full days) and Wednesday (AM)

Pattern 4 - 2 1/2 days Wednesday (PM), Thursday ,Friday (full days)


The following table shows when children are entitled to start their nursery place. For example children born between March and July are entitled to a nursery place beginning in the August following their 3rd birthday. 

Birth dates between                                      Start Month

1st March – 31st August                                  August

1st September – 31st December                     January

1st January – 28/29th February                       April

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