3-5 playroom - Curriculum for Excellence

“The purpose of the curriculum is to enable the child or young person to develop the four capacities” Curriculum for Excellence, Building the Curriculum 3, The Scottish Government, Edinburgh 2008.

The Scottish Curriculum, ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ is used to teach children aged 3-18 years in all educational establishments which enables us to provide continuity, progression and depth within the 8 subject areas, which are:

Expressive Arts
• Health & Wellbeing
• Literacy and English
• Mathematics
• Religious and Moral Education
• Sciences
• Social Studies
• Technologies

Within these curricular areas are learning outcomes and we use the Early Level Outcomes to plan and provide experiences for children’s learning.

However we don't use this in isolation, we use the knowledge that you give us about your child to provide us with a starting point for our record of the children's learning through his/her time at Binnie St Children's Centre. Their profile is called - My Learning Journey Through Nursery. Parents can then update their child's profile at any time, telling us about what their child has learned about or achieved at home

If we accept that in order for young children to take part in and enjoy their world
they need to acquire a wide range of knowledge, understanding and skills. If we
believe that a young child’s concern is to an active busy learner, trying to make
sense of the world around them in order to take part and enjoy it, we can say they
are learning all of the time from all of their experiences.

In essence this is their curriculum.

Building the Ambition, Scottish Government, 2014, P51

2-3 playroom - Pre-Birth to Three

Staff in the 2-3 playroom observe the children and plan to meet their individual stage of development. They use the National Guidance from the Scottish Government, Pre-Birth to Three, Positive outcomes for Scotland's Children and Families and Bright Beginnings an Inverclyde Council document to support this process.

Children have the opportunity to develop and learn using their senses in a beautiful calm environment. They explore water, sand, dough, gloop and paint. They learn to mark make using a variety of media and tools. Stories and Rhyme time sessions take place in our special quiet corner


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